El Escape

A Bitr Studio co-production with El Zorro Azul and programming by Juan Pablo Artola.

– Original Soundtrack

– Sound Design

– Audio implementation

The spin-off video game its a street intervention in which the public is invited to live an experience «blindly», within the universe of the game ‘From Darkness’. The player is with his vision 100% blocked, guided by the sounds of the stage and the vocal indications of the NPCs, using the cell phone as a steering wheel.

The audio was developed so that the three-dimensionality of the scene can be felt so the player can orient himself spatially, all while receiving shots from his pursuers.

Press links:

Diario Los andes (Cover note of the print edition) – https://losandes.com.ar/article/view?slug=un-videojuegos-para-no-videntes-revoluciono-la-peatonal

Diario UNO – https://www.diariouno.com.ar/mendoza/mendocinos-disenaron-un-videojuego-para-ciegos-09042018_rkegdeInPm

MDZ – https://www.mdzol.com/El-videojuego-mendocino-que-fascino-a-todos-en-la-peatonal-vy201809050007.html